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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Not long after a Chinese ambassador tells Lee (Jackie Chan) he is glad that Lee is protecting him. the ambassador is shot. The ambassador was about to announce the big wig behind the Triad, a deadly crime organization. Lee chases the would-be assassin, only to discover that he knows the man. He lets the guy get away, just as Carter (Chris Tucker) arrives to give Lee backup.
After the Triad attempts to finish off the ambassador as he lays in the hospital, Lee and Carter jet off to France to get to the bottom of the chaos. Their search leads to a dancer (Noemie Lenoir) who is linked to the Triad.

Like most sequels, this falls short. The cultural differences between Chinese Lee and African-American Carter were mined for enough jokes in the first Rush Hour (1998). There are the usual spectacular fights between Chan and various bad guys, and some amusing moments, but nothing much new.

Plus size model Mia Tyler has a small role in the beginning of the film. Max von Sydow appears here; he was in Minority Report (2002). Director Roman Polanski has an uncredited role as a French police chief.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

"Chelsea Lately" (2007-present)

Chelsea Handler had said something about a celebrity that I thought was incredibly rude. I can't remember what it was, but I was fully prepared to dislike the chick. Then I caught her talk show on E!

Ms. Handler is a comedian, whom by her own admission is "a bitch". But she does bitchy so well. Each episode starts off with her and a round table of comedians, writers, directors and entertainment news types -- including Whitney Cummings, Loni Love, Michael Yo, Ross Matthews, Chris Franjola, and Josh Wolf, among others -- commenting on the latest antics of celebrities and odd news stories. Her comments are particularly dead on target.

The other major segment involves her interviewing a celebrity. None of the fawning or kissing up that some talk show hosts have been accused of doing. Ms. Handler will go there and ask a outrageous question, or make a snarky comment.

Occassionally, short comedy skits are featured. She had made fun of Disney pop group The Jonas Brothers in one skit. The following episode, she read emails from their teeny-bopper fans who were ticked that she dare insult their heroes. Ms. Handler's responses were highly sarcastic and very funny. I might have cut those pre-teen and teenage girls a new one, myself.

Ms. Handler was a regular on the prank show "Girls Behaving Badly" (2002).

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Disorderlies (1987)

Some movies are so bad that they are good. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

Albert Dennison (Ralph Bellamy) is rich, old and sickly. His greedy nephew, Winslow (Anthony Geary) decides to hasten his demise quickly, so he hires three incompentant guys (Mark Morales, Darren Robinson, Damon Wimbley, aka The Fat Boys) as nurse's aides to look after Albert. When the guys have more of a positive effect on the old man's health, Winslow decides to try and murder his uncle himself.

Rap group The Fat Boys were presented as some sort of hip-hop version of The Three Stooges in this film. But their goofy antics worked much better in the music videos for their hits like "Wipeout" than in a long-form movie. We are also supposed to believe that pretty Troy Beyer, who also appears in the movie, would fall for one of the guys. It has nothing to do with his weight (all the member of the group were heavyset), but more to do with his brain power.

Mr. Bellamy was a veteran actor who received an honorary Oscar in 1987. He had appeared in the much funnier Trading Places (1983). Anthony Geary is known to soap opera fans as Luke, who had a long love affair with Laura on TV's "General Hospital". Troy Beyer directed Love Don't Cost A Thing (2003), which was a remake of Can't Buy Me Love (1987). Helen Reddy, singer of the feminist anthem, "I Am Woman", has a cameo. Tony Plana is also in the film; he plays the title character's dad on TV's "Ugly Betty".

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