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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"TMZ" (2007 - present)

This show is the televised version of the entertainment gossip web site. It's "hosted" by Harvey Levin, who is usually seen at the beginning of each episode in front of a clear blackboard, gathering tidbits from his reporters. I have yet to see an episode that doesn't start off with some dirt about Britney Spears, who seems to be their favorite subject. Paparazzi are always seen chasing her up and down the streets of Los Angeles.

They like to post themselves outside of a couple of popular nightclubs and restaurants too, including Hyde and Mr. Chow's. Those places are prime spots to catch celebrities going in and out. TMZ's paparazzi people ask the stars some of the most inane and asinine questions, which seem to be designed to get them to reveal something juicy or get a rise out of them. Shots of would-be and wanna-be celebrities involved in fist fights and cat fights end up on the show, too.

There's one blond male reporter on "TMZ" who, in by the way he carries himself in general, always makes me wonder how he got his job. There seems to be an attitude of dismissal towards older stars (a recent clip on Joan Collins included a remark about her career going down). While Blondie is not the only one of the reporters guilty of not knowing their Hollywood history, his lack of knowledge about older stars is particularly glaring.

If you want real entertainment news, i.e. what new films are coming out, what's happening with your favorite TV show, when CDs from singers and bands will be released, etc., CNN's "Showbiz News Tonight", and the syndicated "Entertainment Tonight" are better choices. Much of what "TMZ" presents is trival stuff that wasn't worth the time they took to tape it.

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