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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Southside With You (2016)

Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) lives on the south side of Chicago with her mom (Vanessa Bell Calloway), and her dad (Phil Ed Van Leer).  She is a second year associate with Sidley & Austin, a huge law firm in the downtown area.  Her parents tease her as she primps for what their daughter claims is not exactly a date.  Her dad asks the name of the young man whom she's going to see.  "Barack", she answers.  Her dad says, "Bar-what?"

Barack Obama is a summer associate at the law firm for whom Michelle acts as an advisor.  He has invited her to a community interest meeting, but she is dismayed to discover that it won't take place for several hours.  Barack suggests that they fill the time with other activities -- a visit to an art collection, lunch in the park, a walk along the lakefront -- before the meeting.  "This is not a date," Michelle insists, explaining that it wouldn't look good at the office for her to date him.  "Okay, it's not a date. . . .until you say it is," Barack smiles.

This is a quiet romantic film about two people getting to know each other better.  Yes, we know what happens to the characters later after the events of the film.  They get married several years later and have two daughters.  Oh, and Barack becomes the President of the United States, and Michelle becomes the First Lady.  But this film shows them as typical twenty-somethings, still deciding what they want to make out of their lives.  There so many nice moments where their conversations reveal their thoughts, as well as reveal things about the people we know them as now.

Singer John Legend produced the film, which takes place in 1989.

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