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Friday, August 22, 2008

"Chelsea Lately" (2007-present)

Chelsea Handler had said something about a celebrity that I thought was incredibly rude. I can't remember what it was, but I was fully prepared to dislike the chick. Then I caught her talk show on E!

Ms. Handler is a comedian, whom by her own admission is "a bitch". But she does bitchy so well. Each episode starts off with her and a round table of comedians, writers, directors and entertainment news types -- including Whitney Cummings, Loni Love, Michael Yo, Ross Matthews, Chris Franjola, and Josh Wolf, among others -- commenting on the latest antics of celebrities and odd news stories. Her comments are particularly dead on target.

The other major segment involves her interviewing a celebrity. None of the fawning or kissing up that some talk show hosts have been accused of doing. Ms. Handler will go there and ask a outrageous question, or make a snarky comment.

Occassionally, short comedy skits are featured. She had made fun of Disney pop group The Jonas Brothers in one skit. The following episode, she read emails from their teeny-bopper fans who were ticked that she dare insult their heroes. Ms. Handler's responses were highly sarcastic and very funny. I might have cut those pre-teen and teenage girls a new one, myself.

Ms. Handler was a regular on the prank show "Girls Behaving Badly" (2002).

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