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Monday, July 10, 2006

Superman Returns (2006)

Unless you are a Superman fan like I am, I will suggest you save your money and rent the first two movies that featured the late Christopher Reed instead. Even the cartoon versions would be an improvement. The story just laid there like an ICU patient. I'm wondering what the critics found fascinating about this film to praise it like they did.

The story begins with Martha Kent (Eva Marie Saint) greeting her adopted son Clark (Brandon Rouch) after he crash lands back on Earth. You see, Clark, or Superman as we all know him, left our planet five years earlier, when he heard that astronomers may have found remnants of the planet he came from. His search turned up empty-handed, much to his sorrow. As nerdy Clark Kent, he returns to his reporter's job at the Daily Planet. Another disappointment is revealed, as he discovers Lois Lane (Kate Beckinsworth) not only has a fiance, but a son by him as well. Lois is also hiding a secret from both her fiance and Superman.

Meanwhile, having conned a dying old rich woman into leaving him all of her fortune, Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) sets on a quest to rule the world. He travels to the Artic to the Fortress of Solitude (Superman's home away from home), and steals crystals infused with technological power. Luthor plans to make a new continent, one that will destroy the Eastern Seaboard and everything and everybody. He's also going to see to it that the Man of Steel doesn't interfere. Luthor picks up a handfull of Kryptonite while he's at it.

The action sequences aren't that spectacular, and lot of story time is spent on Superman and Lois dancing around each other in an attempt to figure out where their relationship now stands. Spacey does have fun with his role as the egomanical Luthor, as does Parker Posey, who plays his ditzy sidekick, Kitty. Frank Langella does not have many scenes as the chief of the Daily Planet, but he makes the best of his screen time. It was a nice touch to see the actors who played Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane on the 1950's Superman TV series, in small roles.

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