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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spectre (2015)

The latest 007 adventure begins at a Day of the Dead festival.  Bond (Daniel Craig) is aiming to kill an Italian terrorist.  Mayhem takes place when a building blows up and a fight on a helicopter takes place.  Back at headquarters, M (Ralph Fiennes) isn't happy with the fact that Bond went on that mission without permission.  Bond is relieved from his duties, then injected with a tracking device to make sure he won't take it upon himself to do anything else.

Bond receives some items from Skyfall (the spy's ancestral home featured in the last film).  Someone from Bond's childhood appears to be connected to a mysterious organization that has not only done crimes around the world, but is tied to people Bond has had to take down in the past.  In addition, the secret service agency that Bond is a part of is in danger of being shut down.

Spectre is okay, but not as good as Skyfall (2012) was.  But I did like the theme about privacy and surveillance issues.

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