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Monday, July 28, 2008

"ESPN Classic Ringside"

Using archival footage and commentary from boxing experts, this three-hour show goes in-depth into the sport. Each episode focuses on great boxers (Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, Sugar Ray Robinson, etc.) as well as historic bouts (Ali vs. Frazier, Robinson vs. LaMotta, Leonard vs. Hagler, etc.).

Ringside is hosted by ESPN sports commentator Brian Kenny, and various boxing world figures appear to discuss the athletes and fights. Burt Randolph Sugar, the most well-known boxing historian, and trainer/boxing analyst Teddy Atlas are regulars. Trainers like Angelo Dundee and Emmanuel Stewart, and boxers like Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini and George Foreman weigh in with their opinions and recollections. The show is shot in Gleason's Gym, a world-famous boxing gym located in Brooklyn, NY. This show is must-see-TV for any boxing fan.

Brian Kenny and Teddy Atlas are commentators on ESPN's "Wednesday Night Fights" and "Friday Night Fights".

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