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Monday, June 09, 2008

Sex And The City (2008)

I guess you had to be a big fan of the HBO comedy-drama of the same name to love this movie. I've only seen a few episodes of the uncensored ones on HBO (I don't watch the sanitized ones shown on TBS). I see why it appealed to some women, but I doubt that all women related to it. I certainly didn't. I don't have the fabulous careers nor the taste (or care) for designer clothing and accessories. This film is basically a long episode of the show, which picks up on the lives of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristen Davis), four years after the end of the original series.

Everything seems to be going well for all, but hold on -- the shakeups begin. Samantha feels tied down by her love relationship with actor Smith (Jason Lewis) even though their professional one is great. Miranda and husband Steve (David Eigenberg) have a falling out. Carrie and Mr. Big move in together then decide to get married, but trouble shows up. Charlotte appears to be the only one living in romantic bliss with her attorney husband (Evan Handler) and their cute adopted daughter. But then she gets some news that changes her world. The characters spend most of the movie lifting each other up as they deal with their various problems.

Louise (Jennifer Hudson) is a personal assistant that Carrie hires because she reminds her of when Carrie was young and new to New York. The Louise character seems to be a response to critics who complained about the lack of people of color in the HBO series. Louise is not a big part of the story. But then, neither are the men, not even the Mr. Big character who was so prominent in the series. The focus is purely on the women and their challenges, and it's a long two and a half hours.

Ms. Parker was a cast member on "Square Pegs" (1982-1983). Chris Noth was a cast member on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" (2005-2007). Jennifer Hudson won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls (2006).

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