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Friday, December 29, 2006

"Ugly Betty" (2006-2009)

Betty Suarez (America Ferrara) is a thoughtful, smart young woman who plans to run her own magazine one day. She is hired to be the assistant of Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), an editor at Mode, a top fashion magazine. The main reason she was choosen to work with Daniel is because she's a plain Jane. Daniel has a reputation for having affairs with the other women in the office, who are all as pretty as the models on the covers of the magazine.

Mode Magazine is like being in high school all over again for Betty. She is constantly disrespected and insulted by the other employees. Their nastiness shows up how ugly the beautiful people are in constrast to Betty, who they deem ugly on the outside, but has a beautiful personality inside. Amanda (Becki Newton) particularly enjoys picking on her, as does Marc St. James (Michael Urie), the assistant to bitchy creative director Wilhemina Slater (Vanessa Williams). Luckily, Betty has a good support system at home: her proud dad Ignacio (Tony Plana), her older sister Hilda (Ana Ortiz), and her fashion conscious nephew Justin (Mark Indelicato).

Soap opera elements including the mystery of the death of the CEO's wife, Wihemina's schemes to wrest Mode magazine away from the Meades and Betty's various romances were mixed in with drama and heart.
Betty was a classic underdog, and you're were always rooting for her to win. I also liked that the lead character was a Latina, and her heritage was not diluted. Ms. Williams is perfect as ice-cold, conniving Wilhemina, especially when she is showing the dents in her character's armor.

Ms. Ferrera was the lead in the movie Real Women Have Curves (2002). Ms. Williams was crowned Miss America years ago, and has a recording career along with her acting career.

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