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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gaslight (1944)

Paula (Ingrid Bergman) attempts to start her life over after the strangulation murder of her aunt, who was a famous opera singer. While in Italy to study to be a singer, she falls in love with her music teacher's pianist, George (Charles Boyer). They marry and move into the house that her aunt owned -- the same one where her aunt was murdered.

It isn't long before strange things start happening -- the lights going up and down, small items coming up missing. George starts accusing Paula of being forgetful, then it escalates to her being accused of being mentally unstable. A detective (Joseph Cotton) takes an interest in Paula that is fueled by her aunt's unsolved murder. Meanwhile, Paula teeters on the edge of a mental breakdown.

A well-acted story, but the criminal was obvious early on to me. This film won Oscars, including a Best Actress statue for Ms. Bergman. George Cukor, who was known as a "woman's director" for how well he worked with actresses, directed the movie. This movie saw the debut of Angela Landsbury, who turned 18 years old during filming. She plays a maid named Nancy who seems to have many boyfriends and an attitude towards Ms. Bergman's character. Dame May Whitty is a nosy neighbor who live across the way.

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