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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" (1965)

This animated Christmas special first aired on CBS on December 4, 1965. I've been watching every year since. As the story begins, Charlie Brown is not feeling the holiday season. He hasn't received any holiday cards, his sister Sally wants him to write out a long gift list to Santa, and Snoopy competes in a best Christmas decorations concent. Charlie knows something is missing, but can't figure out what. Charlie goes to Lucy Van Pelt for advice, and she suggests he take on the project of directing the school Christmas play. Directing is more frustration than fun, as Charlie's other schoolmates ignore his orders, and some grumble about their parts (Shermy complains that he's always playing a shephard every year). Then Lucy decides she's going to add a Christmas Queen character to the play, which is actually about the Nativity.

Charlie takes a break from directing, and he and Linus go out to get a Christmas tree to brighten up the play. The other kids aren't shy about insulting Charlie when he and Linus return with a forlorn, small tree that sheds. Charlie is fed up and yells, "Can anyone tell me what the true meaning of Christmas is?" A helpful Linus quotes Luke 2:8-12, and puts everything into perspective.

I'm always surprised at the religious message in this special. In these days of political correctness, as well as ongoing TV broadcast standards, that was very bold to have such a strong Christian message included in the show. It is handled very well, not beating the audience over the head with it, but posing it as food for thought. This is a charming holiday special that has held up well over the past four decades.


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