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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Madea Goes To Jail (2005)

Feisty, outspoken Mabel Simmons, or Madea (Tyler Perry) as she's better known as, is up to her hi-jinks again in this DVD version of the stage play. Actually, she doesn't stay in jail long, and that portion -- she's picked up for not paying the tab at a gas station -- takes place early in the show. It's long enough for Madea to meet two women, one in jail for protecting her daughter from her dad, a pimp, and the second, locked up for various offenses.

More drama is going on at Madea's home, where her grandson, a guard at the jail, and his wife are staying temporarily until the wife gets her masters' degree. The grandson is working double shifts to pay for his wife's college education, but she is not appreciative. Plus, she's cheating on him with his boss. Madea also has to dole out tough love to the daughter of the first prisoner she met while in the lockup. Madea agreed to be a foster parent to the smart-attitude teenager.

As usual with the Madea plays, there is a strong Christian message, lots of gospel music, tributes to old school R&B, plenty of humor and heavy doses of common sense wisdom. Perry doesn't mind breaking character at certain points, and the cast has plenty of moments where they are trying hard not to break out laughing. If you've seen the movie version of Madea's Family Reunion, you will notice a few of the plot points in this play were used in that film. LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis, who appeared on Perry's TV sitcom "House of Payne" (2006) are featured in the cast.



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