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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"The Adventures of The Terrible Ten" (1960)

This show is really going back for me. The last time I saw any episodes of it I was about four years old. It is not on video, nor on DVD -- a forgotten kids' show from Australia.

From what I remember, it featured several kids who had numerous adventures. The show was serialized, which meant you had to watch the next day to see what the kids' fate would be. I remember one episode where the kids were on a tour of a military vessel. Some members of the crew were up to something. Fearing the kids were going to figure out what was up, they locked them in a room. The bad guy snapped, ". . .and stay in there!" I don't remember what happened in the next episode. Darn!

Another episode had the kids running a carnival, but some rivals came by and attempted to sabotage the event. Finally, one of the girls got the idea to put some candy in an empty tent to entice the bad kids. When the bad kids arrived to get the candy, some contraption was triggered, letting loose a bunch of bees. The bad kids were stung as they ran away in terror.

The kids were spying on a stout built man in yet another episode. Why, I don't remember. I do remember the man was eating sausages. When he got up to check on something, one of the kids reached through the window and took a sausage off of his plate. Of course, when the man returned, he was baffled as to where the extra meat went.

I have seen some sketchy accounts of this show stating there were musical numbers included as well, but I have no recollection of those. What I do know is that the show was entertaining, as I watched it every afternoon. The episodes were shown in the middle of one of those famous kids' shows that came out of Chicago ("Garfield Goose", "Ray Rayner", "Andy Starr", etc.).


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