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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"The Go-Go Gophers" (1968)

"Go, go gophers, watch 'em go, go, go" was a phrase from the theme song of this amusing late 1960's cartoon. The same folks who produced other 1960's cartoons such as "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales", "Underdog", and "King Leonard and His Short Subjects", were responsible for this one. The plot involved two canine soldiers in the U.S. Calvary attempting to stop a couple of gopher Native Americans, Chief Running Board and Ruffled Feathers, from creating mischief in and around their post. Colonel Kit, the commanding officer was always at his wit's end about dealing with the gophers, while Sgt. Loma (who sounded a lot like actor Robert Mitchum) was more cool-headed. Neither was successful in stopping the mayhem, however. Their adventures were shown in five-minute segments.

Also part of the show were the adventures of "Klondike Kat", a feline Canadian mountie who had his own problems against career criminal Savoir Fair ("Savoir Fair has stolen my dinner! Savoir Fair is everywhere!). This also ran in five-minute segments during the half-hour broadcast.

The plots were rather repetitious, and the animation limited (by today's standards), but the show was good for what it was. It only ran one season before disappearing from the airwaves. However, the episodes are sometime shown as part of "Underdog" or "Tennessee Tuxedo" reruns.


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