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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Notebook (2004)

An affiable senior citizen named Duke (James Garner) visits every day with a woman (Gena Rowlands) who's around his age. She resides in a nursing home, a victim of Alzheimers. He tells her a story about two young lovers that began before World War II. . . .

Noah (Ryan Gosling) spots Allie (Rachel McAdams) riding on a ferris wheel with another guy. He boldly climbs the ride as it is in motion, and tells her she has to go on a date with him. Otherwise, he's going to jump. Allie is shocked, but she agrees to go out. Their relationship progresses fast, and they fall deeply in love with each other. Unfortunately, Allie's upscale parents do not approve of her running around town with poor boy Noah. They scheme to break the couple up, and they succeed.

The war breaks out and Noah is drafted. When he comes back, he is still young, but no longer the boy he was. He starts a business, working with his hands. Allie is engaged to a more acceptable suitor in her parents' eyes (James Marsden). Noah and Allie's paths cross again, and the spark is re-ignited. . . .

In the present day, the older woman wants to know what happened with the young couple. Duke has the secret behind the story, which unlike the book this film is made from, is revealed a little too soon. The young leads are appealing, but I found the relationship between the older couple a lot more satisfying.

Mr. Garner is an extremely likeable actor who has had a long career, from TV show "Maverick" to Space Cowboys alongside Clint Eastwood. Gena Rowlands is a respected actress who appeared in several films of her late husband, John Cassavettes, including A Woman Under The Influence (1974). James Marsden was Cylops in The X-Men (2000). Ryan Gosling was in The Believer (2001), portraying a Jewish man who takes an anti-Semitic stance.


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