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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Woman Of Straw (1964)

Sean Connery played a bad dude in this suspense story. Ailing rich tycoon Charles Richmond (Ralph Richardson) become fond of his Italian nurse, Maria Marcello (Gina Lollobrigda). They fall for each other and get married. Enter Charles' scheming nephew, Anthony Richmond, who intends to take over the old man's fortune. Charles makes a play for Maria, and everyone notices. When the old man dies quickly, Maria is placed under suspicion. She then has to be quick of mind to avoid Charles, who needs her out of the way to get his hands on the money, as well.

This movie used to be shown on TV regularly when I was a small kid, but it is seldom shown today. Connery is all charm with a dangerous uncurrent. Those who are only familiar with him as James Bond or the other tough but honest guys in movies such as The Rock (1996) and The Untouchables (1987), will be surprised by how nasty the man gets in this film. Sir Ralph Richardson's credits included the epic Exodus (1960) and Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962). In addition to acting, Ms. Lollobridgda is known as a good photographer.

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