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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"The Crocodile Hunter" (1996-2006)

God bless the late, great Steve Irwin, a fearless, loveable lug who brought nature into living rooms weekly. He had caught his first crocodile in his native Australia at age nine, and had been doing it ever since. His love of animals was extremely evident, even though, he was often in dangerous situations to get close to them.

Irwin and his American wife Teri, chronicled their adventures of saving animals around the world. Together, they ran a wildlife refuge. Irwin's popularity grew worldwide due to his antics. He'd get bit, scratched and scraped, all in the name of saving the animals he encountered. Once he had put his hand too close to a pool where a crocodile was hovering. The croc leaped up, grabbed hold of his hand, and would not let go. Irwin was not fazed; he walked alongside the pool until the crocodile let go. Irwin showed his punctured hand to the camera, exclaiming how deep the croc's teeth had gone. Another episode found him and his crew thrashing around in water in the middle of the night to catch an endangered croc.

In later episodes, the Irwin's oldest daughter, Bindi Sue, then a baby, would appear. Irwin was wrestling with another crocodile as little Bindi looked on. She seemed to be a bit concerned that "Daddy" might get hurt, but judging by the promos for the show, the little girl shared her father's lack of fear. Bindi would perch on the top of a huge crocodile while her proud parents looked on.

Underneath what seemed to be crazy, and at times, comic situations, it was clear that Irwin was very serious about his passion and mission for animals. He was fascinated by each and every animal he came in contact with. He had the enthusiasm of a kid who had just found a new toy.


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