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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency" (2006-present)

I was prepared to dislike Ms. Dickenson. The few times I saw "America's Top Model" where she was a panelist, she always came off as someone who is extremely hard to be around for long periods of time. Then I saw her interviewed on Tyra Banks' talk show, and got an insight as to why she's the way she is. She recounted a tale of having been not only a survivor of substance abuse, but one of child abuse as well. Ms. Dickenson was very open about everything, and I found respect for her.

In this reality show, the diva has opened her own modeling agency, and episodes follow her struggle to find suitable models to work with as well as clients who will help her agency grow. Ms. Dickenson is very direct about what she wants and what she doesn't like. "Why are you walking like you have a stick up your ass?" she'll bark at a model, but in the next minute, she'll sooth the feelings of a model who was turned down for a job. "I've been there," she'll tell them, "but you have to keep going." Janice Dickenson's outbursts are amusing, but you find yourself cringing in sympathy for the person she's berating. "Holla back, bitch!" she yelled at a media store manager whom she felt was not on point about planning a runway show. "I'll take my models out of here, and you won't have a show!"

The show also goes a little into the supermodel's home life, and shows her relationship with her college-aged son and her young daughter. She is just as hard on them, however, as she is on the models at her agency. However, it is clear that she loves the both of them with all of her heart. As she told Peter, who would become her business partner, "I'm doing this for them."

"America's Top Model" focused on what it took to be a model, but Dickenson's show is fascinating because it goes into the business of modeling and what it takes to make deals and land repeat clients.


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