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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944)

A totally wild comedy from the war years about a small town girl named Trudy (Betty Hutton), who wakes up after partying with soldiers to find that she married someone she can't remember. Things get worse when she finds out she's pregnant. She doesn't dare tell her grouch of a dad (William Demarest), who has a habit of kicking people when he gets mad at them. Enter Norval (Eddie Bracken), a nerd who didn't make it into the military, but has always loved Trudy. Norval is willing to help Trudy, despite the fact that she appears not to notice what a nice guy he is. Trudy eventually falls for Norval, as they go through a series of mishaps to recify her problem.

The plot is a little risque for it's time, considering how Trudy got in a family way after drinking way too much during a night out. As the movie goes on, you begin to feel a lot of sympathy for Norval, who has been given a golden opportunity to pursue the girl of his dreams. William Demarest later appeared on TV on the sitcom "My Three Sons".

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