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Monday, September 25, 2006

Victor/Victoria (1987)

Funny Blake Edwards directed comedy about a down-on-her-luck singer named Victoria Grant(Julie Andrews) in 1930's France. She can't get a job, and she is about to be kicked out of her apartment. She meets Caroll "Toddy" Todd (Robert Preston), a gay man who befriends her and takes her in. He comes up with a great idea: why doesn't Victoria pass herself off as a female impersonator? Victoria is not sure she can do it, but with Toddy's coaching, she becomes Victor, an instant hit.

One of her (his?) club performances is King Marchand (James Garner), a Chicago-based gangster who is laying low in France. He has his bimbo girlfriend, Norma (Leslie Anne Warren) and his bodyguard Squash (Alex Karras) in tow. King is attracted to Victoria, who at the end of her act, pulls off a wig to reveal her short cut hair, pretending that she is actually a man. Victoria is attracted to him, but she continues with her deception. In the meantime, there are people out to prove that Victor is indeed a fake, and a private detective is sent to investigate. Things get out of hand, and Victoria begins to have a hard time living a double life.

Garner and Andrews worked together in another movie, The Americanization of Emily (1964), and their good chemistry is also on display in Victor/Victoria. In real life, Andrews is married to director Edwards. The late Robert Preston was also a song and dance man back in the day: he was in The Music Man (1963) with Shirley Jones. Alex Karras was a former professional football player. He once punched a horse--in the movie Blazing Saddles (1974).

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