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Monday, September 25, 2006

Drunken Master (1978)

Wong (Jackie Chan) is a mischevious young man who is seriously in need of discipline. Early on in the film, he steals a kiss and sneakily gropes a young woman. When her mother protests, he insults her and gets into a fight with the older woman. Then he beats down--however rightfully--a street tough who refuses to pay an old man for merchandise.

Wong comes home to find his father has company: the young girl he groped earlier is his cousin, and the mature woman (Linda Li) he had a fight with is his aunt. Right after that, the dad of the street tough arrives, carrying his son with him. Wong left the guy badly broken up with a cracked skull. Wong's father is outraged at his son's behavior. He sends him away to be trained and humbled by his uncle, a legendary fighter. Wong resists, even running away from his uncle, but eventually learns to respect him. His uncle has a special style of fighting that involves drinking a lot of wine. Wong finds he'll need to use every aspect of that style when an assassin comes looking for his dad.

This film reminds me of another Chan film entitled Dragons Forever, where it seemed a fight jumped off every five minutes. The action is good, and as usual, mixed in with Chan's style of humor.


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