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Friday, January 09, 2009

I Am Legend (2007)

A cure for cancer created by a doctor (Emma Thompson) goes horribly wrong in this remake. Instead of being a boon to mankind, the serum kills off most of the world's population. Flashbacks show a military scientist med Robert (Will Smith), trying to get his wife (Salli Richardson) and daughter (Willow Smith) out of Manhattan to safety. Confusion reigns as many other residents are denied escape because they have been infected.

In the present, Robert's only companion is his dog. His wife and child were killed in an accident as they were trying to leave. He sends out radio messages to anyone that may be still alive. Robert also tries to find a cure for the plague that has decimated humans. He feels that he is responsible for not being able to stop it when it first happened. At night, Robert barricades himself and the dog in the house. The virus has turned most of the humans who are still walking around into cannibals who seek victims.

This film reminded me a lot of Cast Away (2000). There's a man alone in a bad situation with a mute companion to whom to talk. However, the main character's isolation wears thin after awhile, and the mutated creatures weren't scary enough.

Will Smith was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for Ali (2001) and The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). Willow Smith is his daughter. Salli Richardson was featured in Once Upon A Time. . .When We Were Colored (1995) and How You Like Me Now (1993).

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