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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Family Man (2000)

Brett Ratner directed this fantasy about a successful guy named Jack (Nicholas Cage) who is given a glimpse of what could have been. The film opens several years earlier when Jack is on his way to take advantage of an internship in England. His girlfriend Kate (Tea Leoni) has a feeling that he shouldn't go. Kate fears Jack won't return to her. She's right.

Fast forward to the present where Jack is a top dog at an investment firm. He's rich and successful. He stops in a store on Christmas Eve and witnesses a confrontation between Cash (Don Cheadle) and a clerk at the counter. Cash has a gun. Jack talks Cash out of being violent, and they leave the store. Jack gives Cash some money, and Cash gives Jack a hint that he's missed out on something in life. Jack goes home for the evening, but when he wakes up the next morning, Kate is sleeping next to him. Annie (Mackenzie Vega) runs into the bedroom, calling Jack "Daddy". Jack is understandably confused and upset.

The rest of film follows Jack as he navigates through the life he would have had if he'd married Kate. There's a message that people aren't fulfilled unless they are married have kids, which I didn't buy. But I could get with the message of "follow your heart".

Nicholas Cage is related to the Coppola family. His credits include Moonstruck (1987) and Con Air (1997). Jeremy Piven plays Cage's best friend; he was in the quirky ABC TV series "Cupid" (1998-1999). Tea Leoni was in the TV series "The Naked Truth" (1995-1998). Don Cheadle was the lead in Talk To Me (2007).

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