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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Undefeated (2002)

The excitement level raises in a prison located in the desert when Iceman, an arrogant boxer (Ving Rhames) is sent there on a rape charge (shades of Mike Tyson). Already there on lockdown is a former boxing champion named Monroe, who is serving a life sentence. He caught his lover cheating on him and beat her boyfriend to death. Iceman wastes no time trash talking Monroe. Monroe wants nothing to do with him, but soon, he finds himself set up in a match. An old mob boss named Mendy (Peter Falk), who is also doing time, has an interest in seeing the match happen. He's a big boxing fan.

Okay prison drama/boxing drama that, pardon the pun, didn't pack as much of a punch as it could have. Not enough tension building up to the big fight that takes place near the end of the movie. Rhames is good as the boxer who knows his lawyers will eventually fix it so he doesn't serve all of his time.


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