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Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Tennesse Tuxedo and His Tales" (1963)

Tennessee was a penguin, and his pal Chumley was a walrus in this animated series. Tennessee was a know-it-all who refused to admit defeat. "Tennessee Tuxedo will never fail!" he would cry out in the face of unmistakeable disaster. Sooner or later, Tennessee and Chumley would leave the zoo where they lived to go see Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee, a smart man who would give them solutions to whatever problem they had. The show was educational, because Mr. Whoopee would actually give explainations as to how real things worked. In one episode, Tennessee had managed to break a town clock. The zoo keeper, Stanley Livingstone, told the penguin that he'd better fix it or else. Mr. Whoopee pulled out his magic blackboard and explained the working of a clock, which helped Tennessee and Chumley save the day.

There were other cartoons within the show including "The Adventures of Commander McBragg" about a veddy English adventurer who told tall tales, "The Hunter", a detective who was beset by a crook named the Fox, and hindered from his job by his bratty nephew, and "Tooter the Turtle", who was always wishing for things that Mr. Wizard glady granted, until Tooter figured out that one should always be careful of what one wishes for: "Help, Mr. Wizard!" Overall, a very cute cartoon.

The people behind "The Adventures of Underdog", another popular 1960s cartoon, were the creative minds on this one, too. The late Don Adams ("Get Smart") was the voice of Tennessee Tuxedo. His pal from New York, Larry Storch ("F Troop") voiced the character of Mr. Whoopee.


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