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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Spiderman" (1967)

Peter Parker was a freelance photographer who worked for the meanest newspaper editor in town, a loudmouth named J. Jonah Jameison. Jamison couldn't stand Spiderman, a superhero in town whom he regarded as a menace. What Jamison didn't know was that Parker and Spiderman were the same person. Parker earned his keep by bringing back amazing photos of Spidey and the villians he fought. He (and Spiderman) had an ally in the office, Jamison's put upon secretary, Betty.

The episodes were actually very good, and followed the feel of the comic book at that time. Spidey was ready for action and had a load of smart cracks to make towards Jamison and the criminals he fought. There were usually two stories featured in one episode. Parker's Aunt May was seen on and off. The animation was limited, however. I recently watched some of the show on DVD. The animators tended to use the same scenes of Spiderman roping his way around town in every story.

This cartoon one of the coolest theme songs ever done for TV ("Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can!"). It was written by Paul Francis Webster, who was responsible for many songs including, "My Secret Love" which was recorded by Doris Day, and "The Twelfth of Never", which was recorded by Johnny Mathis.


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