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Monday, November 14, 2005

"The Sifl & Olly Show" (1998)

Forget about "Beavis and Butthead". The funniest duo on MTV was a pair of sock puppets named Sifl and Olly, voiced by Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch. The premise was that these two were the stars of an offbeat variety show.

Like any variety show, there were regular segments, but these were out of the ordinary. Precious Roy would appear to sell useless (and mostly dangerous) items. Sifl and Olly would egg him on to give descriptions of the merchandise. Precious Roy would yell out "Suckers!" at the end of his spot. A Moment With Chester featured Sifl and Olly reacting to their friend Chester, who always seemed to be high on something. Chester once commented that he would show his love to a girl by taking her to the roller rink. There he would knock others down on purpose and "scar them up" to impress her.

Another bit had Sifl and Olly answering phone calls. What the callers didn't know is that the two characters could see them. All kinds of weird folks would call. There was the pesky telemarketer who was trying to sell legless dogs. Then two guys who sounded like they were from New Jersey called in to insult Sifl and Olly. The guys were dressed in porno-style leather and studs. When told they could be seen, they quickly ended the call.

Interviews were just as nutty. One of my favorites was when the hosts talked to an orgasm and the G spot, who came off like gangster rappers, complete with gold chains. Olly had the nerve to ask G Spot, "where can we find you?" The reply was, "Just hit me up on my pager."

Silf and Olly sang songs with titles such as "We Can't Party At Dude's House", and "Cresent Fresh" ("guy likety likes girl. . .they're so cresent fresh, super cres at best!"). Returns from commercials would find them in the middle of strange conversations that they would not finish once they realized they were back on the air (". . .about three o'clock in the morning, the rest of us finally made it out of the maze, but we don't know what happened to Joe. Huh? Oh, we're back from commercial!"). Total craziness in every episode.

MTV, which really doesn't play music videos anymore, decided to mess up the format by inserting videos in-between the comedy bits. It seemed to work on "Beavis and Butthead" but ruined the flow of "Sifl & Olly".


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