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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The First Wives Club (1996)

The wronged wives are joined in revenge when a friend of theirs (Stockard Channing) commits suicide when her husband dumps her for a younger woman. The husband even has the gall to show up at the funeral with his young chickie (played by Elizabeth Berkley of TV's "Saved By The Bell"). Diane Keaton's husband keeps lying to her, Bette Midler's husband runs off with another woman, and Goldie Hawn's aging actress character is trying to get herself together.

I was expecting more of a revenge plot, and a lot more laughs. The movie is sort of strung together like a series of TV comedy skits, and things are tied up a little too neatly and quickly at the end. Some of the ways the philandering husbands are given their paybacks are kind of amusing, but not deep enough.

Heather Lockyler ("TJ Hooker", "Melrose Place") appears in the film, but is not listed in the credits.


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