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Friday, October 28, 2005

Enter The Dragon (1973)

No one, and I mean no one, not Jackie Chan, not Chuck Norris, not Jean Claude VanDamme, could beat people up on film and make it look pretty. Only one man could do that, and that man was Bruce Lee.

The story follows three men who have been invited to a remote island in Asia to take place in a tournament. Each has his own reasons for being there (the other two men are John Saxon and Jim Kelly). Lee wants to come face to face with the host, a crime lord who is responsible for the death of his sister.

Lee is not the only martial artist in the film. Jackie Chan appears in an early scene. Jim Kelly was an American martial arts star who had done a few films where he was the star. The main draw was Lee, a man who developed his own style of fighting long before Hollywood came calling. The man moved like a cat; no movement was wasted. There is a huge fight sequence where it appears that 50 guys decided to jump Lee at once. Lee is only armed with his natural abilities and a pair of nunchunk sticks. When the dust settles, the men are laid out on the floor. Lee walks through the bodies with an attitude that seemed to say, "Just took care of my light work!"

Eventually, Lee comes has a showdown with his nemesis, in an unique fight sequence that has yet to be matched. It involves a room of mirrors and the unleashing of a lot of pent up rage.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lee did not see the success of what turned out to be the defining moment of his career. Before the film opened, Lee had passed away. The film increased his popularity, which has continued to increase, even to this day.


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