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Monday, October 17, 2005

"Gaither Homecoming"

Bill and Gloria Gaither are superstars in the world of Christian music. Their style of Southern Gospel has been showcased in many specials that are syndicated on Christian television.

The shows are truncated versions of longer specials that may be brought on DVD. If you watch enough of the specials, you'll notice that commercials hawking the specials are ran constantly. Doesn't take away from the shows, which are highly entertaining. They are usually filled with members of the "Homecoming" family, performers such as the Gaither Vocal Band, Jeff and Sherry Easter and Jessie Dixon. There is a lot of clean humor mixed in as well. Much of the laughs were provided by Mark Lowry, a dough faced singer/comic who used to be a member of the Gaither Vocal Band.

It is sad to watch some of the older specials that feature singers who are no longer with us. The Gaithers have produced specials that focus on the gone but not forgotten performers such as "The Queen of Gospel" Vestal Goodman, and Jake Hess. J.D. Southern, who also sang backup behind Elvis Presley, was also featured prominently in earlier specials.

The specials, since they are Christian themed, also include a bit of sermonizing, although it is not done in a hit them over the head with Bible way.


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