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Monday, October 10, 2005

"The Vicar of Dibley"

A gentle minded British sitcom about a small country hamlet that is taken aback when a woman is sent to pastor their small church. No sooner than Geraldine arrives in town to replace the former vicar who passed away during a Sunday service, she is met with hostility by David, who is the head of the church board. A woman leading the flock? He's doesn't buy it, and tries every dirty trick in the book to send her packing. The others in the town warm up to her, and David is foiled.

The following episodes follow Geraldine's interactions with the townspeople, most of whom are decidedly eccentric. Alice, her assistant, is as addled-brained as they come. Hugo, David's wimpy son, is madly in love with her, but takes a long time to get up the courage to express his feelings. Jim, a member of the church board stutters a lot, says "no" when he means "yes", and comes out of left field with comments. Owen, a farmer, always picks the wrong time to bring up something that happened on his job, like dealing with a constipated animal.

I liked Geraldine because while she was woman of the cloth, she was also very human. She had an addiction to chocolate, had a nip of something strong once in awhile, and lusted over Mel Gibson. One episode even had her hot and heavy with a love interest.


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