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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Clambake (1967)

Scott Heyward (Elvis Presley) in on the road in the beginning of this film, trying to get away from his dad, Duster (James Gregory), and the oil company his dad owns.  Scott wants to be his own man and see what he can do on his own.  He meets a guy named Tom Wilson (Will Hutchins) at a restaurant.  Tom's trying to chat up a pretty waitress named Dianne Carter (Shelley Fabares), but she's not interested.  Tom overhears Scott's conversation with his dad, and correctly figures out that Scott is rich.  This gives Scott the idea to trade identities with Tom before they make their way to Florida.  Scott would like to meet a girl who likes him, not just his money.

Tom has fun with Scott's money, while Scott takes on Tom's job as a water skiing instructor.  His first client turns out to be Dianne.  There's an attraction between them, but Dianne's in town to snag a rich husband.  James J. Jamison III (Bill Bixby) catches her eye, and it's not long before Jamison is wooing her.  Jamison is entered in a boat race that he plans to win again, but Scott decides to fix up a boat that was owned by Sam (Gary Merrill) and challenge Jamison.

This film follows the usual plot of most of Presley's films during the 1960's:  romantic rivalries, some type of challenge (the boat race), at least one fist fight, mostly forgettable songs, and a lot of misunderstandings that are usually cleared up by the end credits.  I did like James Gregory playing a good old Southern guy, and Bill Bixby was good at playing arrogant guys.

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