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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Meet The Browns" (2009-2011)

"Meet The Browns" features two characters from the film of the same name as well as the "Madea" plays and movies.  Mr. Brown (David Anthony Mann) is an excitable, slow-witted janitor and school security guard who is the father of level-headed widow Cora (Tamela Mann), who is a school teacher.  Cora is the result of a one-night stand between Mr. Brown and Madea.  In the movie Meet The Browns, Mr. Brown was proven not to be Cora's father via "The Maury Povich Show".  But the TV series acted as if Cora was still Brown's daughter.  Also, in the plays, Cora had two adult daughters, but on the show, she was presented as being childless.

Mr. Brown and Cora share a house with Brown's nephew Will (Lamman Rucker), a doctor and Will's wife Sasha (Denise Boulte), a nurse.  Will and Sasha have a couple of foster kids, Brianna (Logan Browning) and Joaquin (Gunnar Washington) whom they care for very much.  The house is also a retirement home -- Colonel (Tony Vaughn), a military vet, Daisy LaRue (K Callan), a faded actress, and Edna (Juanita Jennings), a frisky, childless widow lived there.  London (Arielle Vanderburg) was a celebrity who was just "famous for being famous" who had to do community service at the retirement home after some DUI's.  Renee (Terry J. Vaughn) was a nurse at the hospital where Will and Sasha worked, and Reggie, a school sports coach (Maurice G. Smith), was Cora's virginal on-and-off boyfriend.

Just like Tyler Perry's other series "House of Payne", "Meet The Brown" was only amusing in spots.  The best moments were when the focus was on the antics of Mr. Brown, although Cora had her moments, too, especially when she displayed the same temper that her mother, Madea, has.  Will and Sasha's characters, along with the foster kids, were involved in most of the dramatic plots.

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