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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Skyfall (2012)

Continuing my streak of seeing every James Bond movie that has been released, I scooted down to a matinee of Skyfall.  To my surprise, the line for the movie stretched outside the door of the theater.  After getting my popcorn and water, I was lucky to find an empty seat. 

Typical of films in this long-running series, Skyfall opens with a spectacular chase.  Information about agents affiliated with M16 has been stolen.  Bond (Daniel Craig) chases the guy who the info, assisted by another agent, Eve (Naomie Harris), who really knows how to do car chases.  There's a spectacular fight on a moving train between Bond and the guy who stole the information.  Unfortunately, Bond takes a bullet, and it looks like 007 is done away with.

Some time passes.  Computers at the M16 headquarters are hacked, and some agents' identities are blown.  M (Judi Dench) takes heat from the British government for what is seen as her mishandling of the situation.  When M16's headquarters are blown up and more agents come up dead, a top official named Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) tells M that she needs to retire.  Bond, who's been laying low, hears the news about headquarters and comes back to find out who's behind it all.  It's soon discovered that Silva (Javier Bardem) is responsible.  Silva has a connection to M's past. 

This is a very good adventure, a throwback to the earlier Bond films with Sean Connery in the lead.  The humor is put in the right spots, and the action is on point.  It seems that in a nod to the fact that the Bond series is now 50 years old, the main theme of this movie is time and the effects it has on people.  Bond has to work harder because the reflexes aren't what they used to be, M's competence is questioned probably because of her age, and threats to the world aren't as cut and dry or easy to root out. 

Long time fans will love the references to certain touchstones in the Bond series.  Bond's favorite car even makes an appearance.  Look twice for Albert Finney -- I didn't recognize him in the role he played.  Popular singer Adele sings the theme song.

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