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Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Here Come The Monkees" from "The Monkees" (1966-68)

This was the pilot episode for the sitcom, but it did not air until November 14, 1966. In this episode, the band has a manager named Rudy, who was never seen again during the series. Rudy lines up a gig for the guys to play at a sweet sixteen party. They initially balk at the job, but decide to take it once they hear what the birthday girl's dad wants to pay.

The birthday girl, Vanessa, and Davy hit it off. Vanessa spends so much time with Davy and thinking about him that she neglects her studies. Naturally, her grades slip, and her dad, Mr. Russell hits the roof. The Monkees are fired from the gig, and Vanessa is forbidden to see Davy anymore.

Feeling bad about this, Davy, Mike, Micky and Peter devise a plan to help her pass her big history test. They actually act out some of the key facts she has to know. Some of the things go a little overboard, however. An reenactment of a duel scares off people having a picnic nearby when they hear the gunshots. Mr. Russell catches on the guys' scheme and runs them off.

Vanessa passes the test, but her dad will not reconsider hiring The Monkees for her birthday party at the country club. Instead, he has hired a dreadful polka band. The guys show up to the party anyway, determined to play, but a guard chases them throughout the place. Mr. Russell gives chase as well. The guys run into the party, and the guard blocks the door, gloating over having cornerned them. Mr. Russell informs the guard that the band is welcomed to stay. The guard treats this as an act of treachery against the country club, and tells Mr. Russell so before storming off.

There's still the matter of the polka band -- how to get rid of them? Even Mrs. Russell is displeased with them. Mike makes an annoucement that war has been declared on Poland. The band members stiffen their backs and march off to join their countrymen. The stage is left open for the Monkees to perform. Everything is cool, until another girl flashes her eyes at Davy, and he takes the bait. Before he can get them into another mess involving a girl, the other guys grab him and run out of the place.

This episode was short, and there are rumors that some editing was the cause of it. The time left was filled with amusing interviews of Davy and Mike that were done during the audition process for the sitcom.

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