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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Green Hornet" (ABC; 1966-1967)

Britt Reid (Van Williams) owned a newspaper and a television station; he inherited the media outlets from his late dad.  In his spare time, he fought crime in the guise of The Green Hornet, aided by Kato (Bruce Lee), his butler.  They sped around down in a tricked out car called the Black Beauty.  The law considered the duo criminals.  District Attorney Scanlon (Walter Brooke) and Reid's secretary Casey (Wende Wagner) knew The Green Hornet's real identity.  Hard-nosed reporter Mike Axford (Lloyd Gough), who worked at Reid's newspaper, had no clue. 

Producer William Dozier also produced "Batman", which premiered the same year.  "The Green Hornet" was closer to being a straight crime drama than "Batman" was.  Unlike the latter, the hero relied very little on gadgets and gizmos.  He was good with his fists and besides, he had a good backup in Kato, who was well trained in martial arts (in real life, Bruce Lee was a martial arts champion).  The criminals involved in the plots were not as flamboyant and outlandish.  Both shows started off as ratings hits, but it didn't take long for the gimmick to wear off.  "The Green Hornet" disappeared after a season, and "Batman" limped along for another season before fading into TV history.

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