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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girls Will Be Girls (2003)

Evie (Jack Plotnick) is an extremely self-absorbed C-list actress who still fancies herself a star. She has a maid, Coco (Clinton Leupp) of whom she always takes advantage. Coco has been pregnant a couple of times, had a couple of abortions, and now regrets that she doesn't have children. She also pines for the anomynous doctor who gave her the abortions. Evie takes in a border, a perky young woman named Varla (Jeffrey Robinson), who wants to be an actress. Varla's mother, Marla (also Robinson), was an actress who committed suicide after a public humiliation. Evie knew Marla, and has a secret about how her death came about. Evie's neglected son Stevie (Ron Matthews), is an attorney who sometimes represents his mother in bogus car accident cases.

All of the female roles, even the women who are seen on the front of some magazines in the film, are played by men. The movie is an over-the-top comedy, fueled by a gay sense of humor, and far too many of the jokes fall flat. Evie's bitchiness, Coco's mishaps, and Varla's stupidity/naviete wears thin early on in the game.

Comedian Dana Gould appears as one of Evie's conquests.



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