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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wild In The Streets (1968)

This used to be shown on TV quite a lot, but I haven't seen this up-with-youth-fantasy in years. Through a series of convoluted events, a rock star/drug dealer named Max Frost (Christopher Jones) is elected President of the United States after the voting age is lowered to fourteen. Instead of fostering love, peace, and understanding, Frost declares that anyone thirty years of age and older should be put away. Full of counter-culture, psychedelic sights and sounds, the plot is crazy and campy at the same time.

Hal Holbrook plays a politican who initially backs Frost, then comes to regret his decision. The late Shelley Winters plays Frost's high strung mom, and late comic genius Richard Pryor appears as a drummer in Frost's band.

There was a minor pop/rock hit from this movie that made the charts, called "Nothing Can Change The Shape Of Things To Come". I've heard it used in TV ads for Target.

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